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Good to Know       

COVID-19 As of May 26, 2020. new rules and regulations have been posted on the windows of the shop.  Do not come in sick.  Masks must be worn during the entire visit. Use hand sanitizer as soon as you walk in.  Please do not touch anything. Do not bring friends.  Appointments only.  Please read all of the signage at the shop before the appointment 

Please be considerate

Do Not come here sick **Please do not come in with a cold or the flu - these are HIGHLY contagious ( shared by coughing and sneezing!!! ). Brown's clients are primarily elderly and DO NOT need to get sick. I also do not wish to become ill, as this will require me to close the shop, annoying my customers, again.  If you feel like crap - Please be considerate and stay home.** Hope you feel better!!

Please be considerate

Please come with clean hair and scalp.  Browns does not have a shampoo bowl and it is unsanitary to work on dirty hair, this includes products like hairspray, gel and pomades.  These products can ruin a barbers tools.  Thank you.  Have an amazing day!


I am friendly and tend to like everyone, but I am a relatively new barber and was not trained for women's cuts.  Feel free to swing by and ask, bring a picture too, please.  If I cannot help you, I will recommend an amazing stylist, Aurajoy at SalonGlo in SLO ( she does my hair & is fantastic!! ). If SLO is difficult to get to, the gals at Catch A Wave Salon here in Morro Bay are friendly and talented.

I just want everyone happy.  Thank you for understanding my limitations.

Please be considerate

Chairs are for customers.  If there is no one waiting, please feel welcome to wait with your friend, BUT, If a client needs a chair, please give them yours and wait outside ( there are benches ) Thank you for understanding.


Please understand that there are certain conditions and diseases that barbers are not allowed to work on.  Some of these are lice, scabies, ringworm among others. Also, any open wounds from accidental scratching.  Service must refused for these.  

If a contagious disease is known, please do not come to this shop.


My shop has 2 doggo friends.  Ben ( the tan one ) & Skye ( the black one).  Ben can be shy, and both are friendly and they both LOVE dogs.  If you are allergic to dogs, please realize that my dogs work here, and Ben likes to sit in the lobby chairs.

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