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                        Our "Vocal" Greeter           ( RIP 13 Aug 2018 )

Marge has a "unique" way of welcoming people to the shop.  She is ALL bark and NO bite!  She is a beagle and sometimes she acts like one.   Don't listen to her....  She's basically a marshmallow who is unsure of her new lease on life.  She is a shy, friendly Beagle, approximately 7 years old who will warm up quickly with some tolerance for her noise and a few kind words ( don't we all! ).  She likes positive attention and head rubs.  Unfortunately, She does not like other dogs in the shop ( out in the world, she is great with most dogs ).  

In early October 2017, we started searching for a cat friendly, older rescue dog.  We found "Princess Fiona, an obese beagle" on  That face!!! So cute!!! We knew we could help that adorable chubby pup! 

On October 15th, 2017, We adopted "Princess Fiona" from Meade Canine Rescue in Creston.  They saved her from a euthanasia list in Los Angeles.  We renamed her Marge - we think it suits her better.  We don't have any history about Marge, except that she was 68 pounds when she was abandoned in early September.  She was 54 pounds when we adopted her.  She was diagnosed with Cushings disease shortly after we brought her home.  She was placed on a doggy diet and she lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks....! Seemed like a little Too quickly!!  We found out that she is also diabetic...poor gal.  Her diabetes has been hard to control due to Cushings disease.   She also has an enlarged liver.  She looks like a tubbo or a preggo, but she is actually quite skinny.

When we brought her home, she could barely walk 100 feet without limping.  Now she loves going for short and long walks - sometimes a mile! She loves the beach and the dog park, and when she gets tired...she proudly rides in her stroller! 

Marge is a sweet, timid girl who has probably had a tough life.  She is adapting at her own pace.  She loved Mijo, our 11 year old rescue kitty and he loved her!  He taught her how to sit for treats.  We lost him to cancer in March 2018.  In April 2018, she got a new adopted 12 year old kitty sister, who has an absolute crush on Marge :)   Her name is Java and is a petite black shorthair kitty.

We are grateful that Marge is in our lives and that we can make a difference in hers.   We hope you love her as much as we do. 

Update July 2018. Marge has been losing her vision rapidly the past few weeks due to the diabetes. She can still see shadows. It hasn't seemed to phase her much, we just try not to let her walk into walls or off curbs.   

Marge Update August 2018


Over the past few months, Marge’s health has been taking its toll on our sweet girl.   Marge lost her vision due to diabetic cataracts.  The diabetes is out of control, even at 20 units twice daily.  The cushings disease is robbing her of her muscle mass, making it harder for her to walk.  She was drinking up to two gallons of water a day.  She developed a heart murmur some time in the last few months.  Sweet Marge always wanted to go for walkies to check the pee-mail, but her body just kept collapsing, even at her turtles pace.  She seemed so very sad, more and more often.  We had to make a decision regarding the quality of her life.  She said she was so tired.  We did not want her to suffer any more.  We loved her too much. She passed peacefully at home, in my arms.  Marge was my first dog as an adult. She is missed. A lot.


She asked me to rescue another doggo to take over her duties as barbershop greeter.  Shower him/her with kindness, love and patience. 


We met Ben at Wood’s Humane Society a few hours after Margie crossed the bridge.  He is a 2 – 3 year old, 18 pound Daschund /Chihuahua mix (their best guess).  He is a little bit unsure / shy with people.   He LOVE LOVE LOVES dogs!!! That is when he is the happiest. 


If your dog is friendly, we are dog friendly

– Ben says PLEASE bring them with ya!

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