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               Brown's Barber Shop                    
3118 N. Main Street, Suite C                              
Morro Bay, CA 93442
Located in historic Manfredo Square ( the big Red building in North Morro Bay ) 
 - Hay Printing 
 - Three Stacks & a Rock Brewery 
 - The Bike Shop 
  - Walk In Tub Construction
                         BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
x                                   Open:      Tuesday - Friday, When we are here     
                           Closed:    Sunday & Monday & when we are not here
                            NOPE,   NO WALK - INS
             Same day appointments are highly unlikely



                    TEL / CELL.  -  805.772.7906 

                 *If I don't answer,  Please listen to the entire message                          



                            To schedule an appointment, please

                                  TEXT, call or email 



          You can try to fill out the little boxes below,                                 but, you have been warned,

                      sometimes the internet

                          eats those boxes

                       before they get to me.  



               Cash, Cards & Local Checks Accepted


          Gift Cards & Paper Gift Certificates Available





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