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Meet Ben & Skye

  Our Shop Greeters

Ben & Skye.jpg


We adopted Ben on 13 Aug 2018, after losing our sweet, obese, rescue Beagle Marge.  Ben is a 2 year old rat terrier mix from Woods Humane in SLO.  He is tan with white boots & weighs 18 pounds.  He is really sturdy for his size.  The only information that they had on him was that he came from a Coalinga shelter and wasn't chipped, tagged nor neutered.  They took care of all 3 issues immediately.  We saw him 4 days later. 

We went to the shelter and looked at all the dogs.  It was busy and chaotic that day.  So noisy - talking and barking.  He was quietly sitting there in a corner kennel, sporting the 'cone of shame'.  He looked dead into my eyes and held my gaze.  My heart pulled SO HARD. There was something special about this dog.  We left.  When we met him in private a few hours later, he showed some nervousness with my hubs, but absolutely none to me.  We took him for a walk and he was nervous with the female handler, but when she handed me the leash, he looked back at us and just perked up.  What a character!  Smiling.  Prancing.  Wagging his tail.   and that cute little butt.  I was smitten.  My husband kept warning me against choosing the "nervous little boy dog", but he was just too darn cute to pass up.

Ben is very much MY dog. my little weirdo.  He is a very smart, sweet dog.  He knew all the basic commands when we got him.  Training classes where so fun! I learned a lot!!  He is timid / shy with new people, and is especially weary of men.   He has been especially terrified of my husband, who is kind and always had a dog.  We surmise that he was probably abused by a male.    It was breaking his heart that Ben is so fearful with him and we discussed  a second dog. I figured with some time, a lot of patience and exposure to all the cool guys that frequent the barbershop, he should eventually warm up.  He wants to be shown affection, but the fear is greater.

Oh!  Ben LOVES dogs of all sizes. 

If your doggo is well behaved and dog friendly, please bring them along for a visit. 


We have been discussing adding to our furry family.  I ultimately left the final decision to my husband.

After much discussion to the pros and cons of adding another doggo to our family, we decided that Ben could really benefit from a canine friend, especially one that digs people.  We Adopted Skye on 23 Nov 2018 from Woods Humane Society in SLO. 

We looked online the night before, and there were several dog profiles with good potential.  We were especially interested in Skye, no picture but the description was bang-on for what we were looking for. Skye is a 9 year old, 29 pound, black terrier mix, well mannered, knows basic commands and some tricks, loves people and dogs.  Hmmm.....

We got there when they opened.  It was packed!  It was a very busy day - Woods was hosting a 3 day, adoption-fee waived event for Black Friday.  We wandered around looking at all the dogs.  Skye seemed friendly enough in her kennel, coming up to the front - wagging her tail.   When we saw her in a private room.  She was a little shy, sniffing around the room, then went to my husband first! YAY!!  They told us that she was an owner surrender and had been there for 3 days.  The previous family had had to move and the new place didn't allow dogs.  They must have been heartbroken.  They left a lot of amazing information about her - what a blessing!  She seemed like a sweet dog, but not quite as friendly or as big as we wanted.  We left.

We returned a few hours later to bring Ben to meet Skye.  We took them into one of the outdoor playrooms to play off-leash.  They hit it off!.  They were perfect together!  She was so much more friendly away from the chaos inside.  My husband decided she was the one.

Skye has settled in nicely over the past couple days.  She LOVES all dogs.  She is our LOUD greeter.  All bark & Grrr...NO bites!!!  She is a tiny bit shy with people at first but warms up quickly.  She has wiggled her way into our hearts.  She is super smart, happy, and sweet. 

Ben is already warming up to my husband and other people because of how Skye acts with them.  Skye is such a blessing to our family. 

We sure hope that you like her as much as we do.

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